Be Not Overcome of Evil

The Apostle Paul here does not tell us to avoid being attacked by evil. He does not inform us to be careful how close we get to evil either because evil approaches all of us. He also does not tell the Christian to withhold from fighting against evil. If we were not to fight against evil then why did God give to us His armour and His sword? The warning given from the Apostle is to be not overcome of evil.

Now first of all it is quite natural for us to return evil for evil. We not only have watched people we know and respect to be overcome with evil thereby accidently teaching us to, but it must also be a natural desire within our fallen nature to return evil for evil. Children at a very early age retaliate upon those that have caused any kind of injury toward them.

Not only is it natural, but returning evil for evil is also easy. The person who is overcome with evil does not put forth the effort to be on guard and cautious like the rest of those who wish to be careful with their actions. They do not spend the time in prayer that is necessary to get the help with not returning evil for evil either and they most certainly do not submerge themselves into His word to get the guidance of how to deal with evil. Indeed returning evil for evil is quite the easy way of doing things.

The Lord has not called us into the easy way of doing things but to the best way of doing things. A way that is not only profitable to others by our actions, but also profitable to ourselves. It is very unprofitable for us when we are overcome or conquered by evil because we are giving our adversaries reason to criticize and we ourselves become consumed not with good, which is profitable, but we become consumed with evil, which is unprofitable. Paul did not say that the way to overcome evil was to do nothing about it. He said to overcome evil with good, which requires effort. Have you ever thought that the evil person that you show good to may have never had someone do them good in spite of their evil? Truly you and I with the help of God have the power to influence for good, but it’s not always easy.

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