Why Do We Stay?

For the entire chapter of John seventeen Jesus is praying to the Father. He is praying for those that have believed on him and for those that will believe on Him in the future. John 17:20 Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word. We find him praying in verse fifteen that the Father NOT take us out of the world. We must ask ourselves why it is that He would make this request.

The first reason that we are not taken out of the world the moment that we are saved is because the Lord Jesus asked us not to be removed. Him being the Son of God receives all of the petitions that He asks of the Father. Jesus, being our advocate, always knows exactly what to ask and since He always knows what to ask of the Father, he always gets what he asks. So the first reason that we remain on the earth until we die is because that is what Jesus asks.

The second reason that He asks for us to remain on the earth is for the benefit of the world. What good is the world without Christians? What good can come of the world without light and salt, which is what Jesus said that we are? It is the world that is desperate, not you and I that are saved. It is the world that needs Jesus, it is the world that needs salvation, and it is the world that needs forgiveness of sins. Without we that have been redeemed to be a witness the world would be lost and forsaken dwelling only in darkness.

The third reason that we remain on the earth is that His name would be glorified. Everyday we that are saved receive blessings from Him and answers to prayer that cause us to praise Him and to thank Him. He is glorified, he is exalted by us every single day of our lives. We praise Him for salvation, we praise Him for our church, and we praise Him for our families. Just think of all the praise that would not take place on earth if he took us the moment we were saved. Not only us, but every single time a sinner is born again there is more praise and glory given to him by new born babes in Christ.

The last reason that he keeps us in the world is for you and I, the Christian. He has not disarmed the enemy. He has not forced Satan into isolation, yet. Where would the victory be if there was no battle? How would our character grow if no resistance? How would we ever experience His power working through us if he did not leave us on the earth for the benefit of our faith and its increase?

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