God’s Blessings

1 Kings 17:4 And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there.

The prophet Elijah had just pointed his finger at Ahab, King of Israel, informing the king that for years there would be no rain except Elijah be the one to bring it; through God of course. Immediately after informing the king of this judgment upon the nation God instructs Elijah to go to the brook Cherith. There are very likely two reasons that God wanted Elijah to get out of town. The first is that the prophets of the Lord were very well liked when their message sounded good to their hearers; however, a message of judgment typically brought chastisement upon them. For this reason God moved Elijah to a safe place where he could not be found. The second reason that God moved Elijah to the brook Cherith was to ensure that he did not starve to death. A massive famine was coming to Israel because of the drought that Elijah proclaimed and God knew that Elijah would need to be fed.

Now it is very clear from the verse above and the expounding upon it that God is fully aware of our circumstances and that He is able to provide our every need. But there is something between the lines here that we must notice and that is that God had a specific place for Elijah to go in order to receive God’s blessings fully. Had Elijah refused to go where God instructed him to go he would have surely ended up short on the blessings that God had prepared for him. Do God’s people believe that He has showers of blessing prepared for them? Had Elijah decided to travel to any other brook of water there very well may have not been any ravens to bring him food. Elijah himself would have had to pick wildflowers or eat bugs for protein and nourishment. Hmmmmmm. Would you rather have bread and flesh delivered to you every morning and evening by the ravens and your belly be full, or eat wildflowers and cockroaches? Strangely enough many of God’s people are eating wildflowers and cockroaches caught by their own hand instead of flesh and bread delivered by God from a ravens effort. And what is indeed even sadder is that many have become so accustomed to the wildflowers and cockroaches that they want nothing better from God having become content with the contaminated blessings that their own hands produce instead of receiving the miraculous blessings of God. And having become this way by neglecting to understand that God has very specific blessings for us all but ONLY in very specific places. For Elijah it was at the brook Cherith. Where is it for you?

~Pastor Kaiser

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