You are not alone

Alone, forsaken, God is here

Genesis 40:23 Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph, but forgat him.
Joseph, the most beloved son of his father Jacob, is here in prison being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife of physical aggression, (remember it was her that was aggressing him), and he is in prison with the King of Egypt’s baker and butler. Joseph amazingly, even after being wrongly imprisoned, immediately begins to minister to the butler and baker upon their arrival into the prison by interpreting both of their dreams. It is indeed thrilling and profound that a man wrongly accused would not give up on God or people. Many that are mistreated, (and we all have been) completely give up, withdraw from everyone, and refuse to lift a helping hand. Indeed, the Spirit of God is not bound by prison walls and even being locked up, Joseph, with the help of God continues to help people. Space does not allow us to reveal all of the disappointments that Joseph suffered from family and friends, but the right spirit never left him. Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a RIGHT SPIRIT within me.
The baker ended up being executed for his crimes, but the butler was restored to his position of servitude in the King’s house. Before the butler left prison Joseph’s only request was for the butler to remember him and make mention to Pharaoh for Joseph. The butler forgot; leaving Joseph abandoned and forsaken for at least the third time that comes to memory.
The unfair treatment of Joseph for so much of his life leads us to this question; what are the possible benefits of being forgotten and forsaken by people? First, we learn that men are only men, and that man’s power is very little. As soon as we begin life and begin experiencing the let down’s of life, (that primarily happen through others), we begin to think about someone who would never do this to us = GOD. Secondly, we learn that though our hearts were broken by people we trusted, we will be ok. The wounds often are very deep, and from whom we would never expect. However, time teaches us that with each disappointment, we will heal and be the better through the suffering. And the final benefit of being forgotten by others is that we learn the very valuable lesson that Me + God = the VICTORY! In other words, as long as I have God with me it matters not what Army is nearby to support me. He is my ROCK and my DEFENDER, and HE PROMISED NEVER TO FORSAKE ME AND ESPECIALLY TO NEVER FORGET ME. That butler forgot about Joseph, but God did NOT! Joseph was released from prison and put second in command. Hallelujah!!
~Pastor Kaiser

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