He Came to Save His People From Their Sins

Matthew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

              Jesus Christ was born of a virgin named Mary.  Some modern translations of the Bible refer to Mary the mother of Jesus as a maid, meaning a young lady and not as a virgin.  There is a great difference between a virgin and a maid.  A maid may very well have given birth to a child; but a virgin never has.  God Almighty chose a young woman that was pure and that loved Him to bring forth His only Son into this world. When God accomplishes His Purposes He desires cleanliness and decency.  Be a clean vessel for God and see Him use you to accomplish His purpose.

God did not send His Son just for us to look at and admire; though that is one thing that we Christians do.  He did not send His son for us to just one day out of the entire year recognize the miracle birth and life of Jesus; but to everyday be amazed.  Jesus came into this world with a very specific purpose, more so than any other baby ever born.  He came to save his people from their sins.  Your primary need is not to be saved from your enemies, your bill collectors, or from your physical ailments.  Your primary need is to be saved from your long list of sins.  If you were to get your priorities straight by becoming more concerned with your spiritual needs, then your physical needs would slowly but surely be met; and sometimes right away.

When Jesus saves He saves from the power and dominion of sin.  A profession of salvation will never hold up if there has not been a renouncing of pride and sin in our lives.  Jesus does not, absolutely does not save us in our sins but from our sins.  Sin kills and destroys; Jesus gives life and more abundantly when we turn from our wickedness and believe HIM.

~Pastor Kaiser

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