An Excellent Spirit

Daniel 6:3 Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.
              Daniel had just literally read the writing on the wall in King Belshazzar’s palace.  There were the fingers of a man’s hand that had written a message on the wall near to the King and his candlelight.  The astrologers and soothsayers employed by the King were unable to read the language, but God’s man Daniel read the writing on the wall and informed the King of his doom.  The King’s time had come to an end, and that very night he was slain.  
              Also revealed in the writing on the wall was the name of the nation and its leader that would take Belshazzar’s kingdom.  Darius of the Medes would be the next King; and like any other new King or President he immediately begins to establish his cabinet.  This King Darius had every intention of putting Daniel over the entire Kingdom.   What could be the King’s reason for this?  Was it because Daniel was the smartest of all?  No.  Was the King showing favor to Daniel because he felt as if Daniel had helped to put him on the throne by reading the writing on the wall?  No.  Was Daniel a distant relative of some sort causing the King to be loyal to him?  No, Daniel was a Hebrew.  The verses above inform us why the King wished to promote Daniel so high within his cabinet; because an excellent spirit was in him.  
              Up until the verse above there is no evidence that the King had a relationship with God.  So very clearly lost people, even in very high positions in this world can identify the Holy Spirit working in God’s people.  They may not recognize this excellent spirit as God, but they do enjoy the benefits of the Spirit as He works through His people producing the faithful, loyal, and hardworking traits that every employer wishes to see in his subordinates.    
              What was this excellent spirit that Daniel had?  First, he was friendly to everyone and not intimidated by the upper class.  Just because someone has better things does not mean that they are automatically rude, uppity, or better than others.  In fact, many times they are very humble realizing how far they have come.  Secondly Daniel was a helper.  When he saw a need regardless of who needed help he was ready to serve them.  The boss notices who it is that is a team player and who is employed just to receive the paycheck.  And the last characteristic of an excellent spirit in Daniel was that he had character. He could not be paid to lie or cheat, not even slightly.  The idea of walking away from a task leaving it incomplete was not an option to Daniel.  He understood clearly that hard work builds character.  Without a doubt each of God’s children can have this same excellent spirit that Daniel had.  
~Pastor Kaiser
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