Building on Your Most Holy Faith

Jude 20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
Those familiar with the content of the book of Jude understand that for most of this rather small but powerful letter the Apostle Jude is exposing and rebuking the apostates, creeps, false teachers, and mockers who were already at work in the church and that have opposed God, His truth, and His people since the beginning. Jude gives security to those serving God today reminding them that God Almighty and His truth and work will last forever; He will not be stopped, HALLELUIAH!!
Now, Brother Jude concludes his book with some instructions for believers. It is fine and dandy to celebrate what God has accomplished throughout the ages, however many of the brethren fall short in this celebration by failing to perform what God wants for them, right here, and right now. Throughout the Bible is a plea, a command, and an instigation by God to man and its titled, OBLIGATION. And for the umpteenth time the instigation is obviously revealed in the verse above with the words BUILDING UP YOURSELVES. It is not God who must deliver the smoker of tobacco from his wicked, stinky, lung hardening weed. It is not God who will finally show up one day backhanding the foul-mouthed, lazy cussing man (and woman God forbid) who uses the lame excuse that “I’ve always been this way”. It is not God who will call on the telephone happily offering you the job of a lifetime even after you never even took the time to apply for a job. The point here, in case not obvious to some, is that God Almighty will not do all the work for you while you sit around wondering whether or not it is profitable for you or not. The terms BUILDING UP YOURSELVES, points to a holy zeal and fire of “I’ve got work to do.” We Christians should NOT be making the same mistakes year after year. We should NOT be anemic and limp! Newsflash, building are not easily pushed over, blown down, or forced to bow down to every breeze that threatens their existence. Notice Jude says, Building UP Yourselves. Instead of the victory promised which is UP, UP, AND AWAY; many of God’s people like Johnny wish to go down, down, down.
Notice finally that the word BUILDING is in the present tense, meaning right now, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. So very clearly this BUILDING UP YOURSELVES is to continue until the master architect calls us home and places each of our buildings into his wonderful city. What will your building look like in that city? Will it be a shack with mold infested boards hanging on by one nail, or will it be a fine piece of architecture with the Master’s fingerprints of design all over it? Let’s just stick with the verse above shall we? It all depends on if you are building on your most holy faith, or not.
~Pastor Kaiser

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