Linda Kaiser

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Linda Kaiser, a native of St. Louis, met Matt Kaiser in 1992.  They both knew they had found their soulmates and were married in 1995.  As former Catholics, Matt and Linda were seeking the truth and went about church hopping on Sundays trying to find where God wanted them to be.  Both had heard the gospel presented but were unwilling to repent of their lifestyle and commit to Christ.  In 2002, tragically, the couple lost their twin daughter, Cheyenne in a household accident.  As the ambulance took her daughter away, Linda fell to her knees and surrendered to Christ.  A few weeks later, Matt also surrendered.

Through her grief, Linda has learned a valuable principle Christ taught.  Love is about giving and through that comes joy and healing.    Linda followed her husbands call to Bethel Baptist Church and has worked by his side since 2010.


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